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The 4th annual anniversary of the United Kingdoms
National Social Media Awards.

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The 2nd annual anniversary of the Los Angeles
National Social Media Awards.

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coming soon!

Celebrating the 1st annual anniversary of the
National Social Media Awards in Germany.

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Launching the next big
National Social Media Agency!

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We represent talent from all across the world in most major cities.

We work with amazing brands from startups, to your high street brands. Our talent are fun, work hard, and most importantly taking your product, brand, or service as if it were their own. We believe that no matter the task it, if its worth doing, its worth doing properly!

Talented Models

Models require skills such as good communication, positive attitude, physical fitness, adaptability, and punctuality. They should also have the ability to move gracefully and expressively. Additionally, professionalism, confidence, and creativity are essential in impressing clients and designers. Talented models are an asset to any project or event.

Social Media Influencers

Our Social media influencers have many followers who admire and copy them. They partner with companies to advertise products and services to their interested audience. However, it is important that they remain honest and genuine with their followers and avoid conflicts of interest.

Singers/Song Writers

Singers and songwriters produce moving music that connects with listeners worldwide. Singers use their voice and technique to convey emotions, while songwriters create the music. Together, they produce beautiful music that taps into personal experiences and inspires countless people.


Actors & Actresses

Actors bring fictional characters to life in movies, TV shows, and theatre using their voice, emotions, and expressions. It requires training, teamwork, and versatility to play various roles. Actors become cultural symbols with an impact on society. Our talent strive to be the perfect character in all their roles, convincing and passionate.

Hosts & Hostesses

Hosts and hostesses receive and entertain guests in various settings, including private homes, restaurants, and events. Their tasks vary by environment. They can greet and direct guests, serve food and drinks, take orders, and ensure a pleasant experience. These positions are critical in making guests feel comfortable and welcome.

Event Staff

Event staff help organisers with successful events, and can be greeters, registration, security, caterers, or audio-visual technicians. They manage tasks like setup, safety, customer service, and crowd control. Communication and fast-paced skills are crucial.

The one stop talent agency that has what you need!

The fastest growing and leading talent portal in the World, and Internationally consisting of Models, talents, Influencers across all major cities.

The National Social Media Agency is undoubtedly one of the most recognised and successful organisations in the industry, delivering unparalleled social media marketing and management services to businesses across all industries, irrespective of their size. Our highly skilled professionals who make up the team of the NSMA are always up-to-speed with the latest trends and technologies in social media and utilise them to create customised strategies that match the specific needs and goals of each individual client. The NSMA is experienced in creating and executing effective social media campaigns that consistently deliver outstanding results, in terms of increased brand awareness, engagement, and ROI. We do this by remaining committed to our customer-focused approach, providing tailored solutions that are designed to help clients achieve their objectives efficiently, and without compromise on quality or standards. By collaborating with NSMA, businesses stand to gain significantly, by enhancing their social media presence and thus, gaining a competitive edge in today’s rapidly evolving marketplace.

We’ve continued to grow as a Talent agency and now represent thousands of diverse Talents across all specialities.

Here are some of our talent.

What Our Client Say's

Interesting Facts About What Our Agency Clients are saying!

I have worked with the Social Media Awards/Agency since 2019. I was just starting up at the time and did not know which events and programs to join. I have stayed with these guys and girls now for 5 years and have never looked back. Of course with anything it can have its challenges but its all about working together and finding solutions which drive positive results.
H - Bow Tie Me
Working in the pet industry which is competitive and long days. Sometimes you need all hands on deck to make every second count and ensure that you are moving forward in the right direction. The NSMA has always been there for me and I am sure they always will be. Our relationship is built upon trust, transparency, and long hours. I highly recommend and thank them.
Charlotte Saywell
Founder - Fur Feathers & Family
Time is so crucial when running a business and sometimes it feels as if there is just not enough time in the day. Social Media, and influencers are so important if you want your brand or project to really get out there and noticed. I have used the National Social Media Agency for a while now and they make everything seem seamlessly simply. I could not be more happier.
Founder - Handmade by Gabrielle